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Talk about a jungle…

Most veterinarians will only venture into this intimidating neck of the woods once or twice in a lifetime. But at DVM Practice Sales, we’ve done it more times than we can count.

When the right buying opportunity presents itself, we can provide valuation services, track negotiations, hatch finance strategies and manage the process of due diligence.

Our dedicated guides can walk you through each procedure and help you avoid costly mistakes. It all translates into a better-planned purchase and greater financial rewards for you.

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ln summary, the wide range of professional services and level of expertise provided by Bob Hyman and DVM Management have allowed me to start my own practice and ensure its growth. By having access to Bob Hyman and his team I was able to focus my energy and time on developing a high standard of care for my patients, and offload the hospital's business operations through DVM Management. As a small business owner having access to a complete business management system geared specifically to the veterinary profession has been invaluable. l strongly recommend Bob Hyman and DVM Management. --Nicoleta Popescu, DVM

In 1984, Bob found and assisted me with the purchase of my first practice. Every step of the way since, including purchasing and merging two other practices into mine, and relocating my practice twice, DVM Mgt. has been there. Bob was the first to recommend to me to build my own practice and that I did. A beautiful and very profitable 13,000 sq ft AAHA practice.
--Gary Gallerstein, DVM

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