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A word from our Founder and Chief Sherpa

Dear Doctor of Veterinary Medicine,

For over four decades now, I’ve had the satisfaction of guiding veterinarians to success in practice sales, practice management and financial freedom.

I first explored this path as a hospital manager and administrator, and loved it. After getting my degree in Animal Science at California Polytechnic College, I worked as a technical representative for the Animal Health Division of Johnson & Johnson (aka Pitman-Moore). Loved that, too.

But over the years, I saw the frustration of many talented veterinarians whose long hours resulted only in disappointing returns. The culprit? Not bad medicine, but business and financial strategies that just didn’t work.

Someone had to take the lead. That’s why I launched DVM Management in 1979 – the first nationwide management service company devoted 100% to helping veterinarians work smarter.

Feel free to call or write me personally and learn how we can guide you along a more rewarding path to success.


Bob Hyman
Founder/ President
Diversified Veterinary Management Corporation

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A word on owning your own practice

What motivates most veterinarians to buy their own practice? Much comes down to money and lifestyle. Nobody wants to get stuck working outrageously long hours, only to earn a tiny fraction of what their boss does.

What stops many veterinarians from taking the plunge? Largely it’s preconceived notions, like:

  • “I won’t be able to juggle business and family”
  • “There’s too much liability”
  • “I won’t have enough money to invest”
  • “I’m better off with a predictable paycheck”

Fact is, owning a veterinary practice can raise your income and quality of life to levels you never dreamed possible back in veterinary school. As a practice owner, you can:

  • Potentially earn as much as a seven-digit income
  • Work only a few days a week
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Take pride in caring for animals and running a business – your way!

But before you go down this exciting and sometimes rocky path, you’ll need a trustworthy trail guide who has “been there, done that” with the best of them. Which is why it’s smart to contact us or call one of our Sherpa-level advisors at 800.851.9698. They’ll walk you through every step of operating your very own animal hospital.

-- Bob

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