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I don't think that you understand the accountant we came from and how very different you guys are. You especially take the time to make sure any questions I have are answered and I know if I need anything you are my go to person. You never hesitate to help and that is a trait worth admiring. --Jenn Galvin, DVM

Thanks to you both who, each in your own way, brought this deal together. I am so impressed after the Buyer fell out how fast you went into action to bring new buyers to the table and get this closed. Your professionalism and years of experience made this happen. Many thanks again, --Gary Burge, DVM

My partner and I purchased a small animal hospital in 1972 and almost immediately found we needed guidance in the business aspects of Veterinary Medicine and reached out to DVM Management for help. The hospital grew yearly over the next forty years to a very successful seven doctors practice. With out the help of Bob Hymen and DVM Management we could not have accomplished the success that we have had. Bob has been instrumental over the years in assisting us every step of the way with setting and accomplishing goals, innovative business strategies, always providing encouragement and excellent business acumen. Thank you Bob and the team at DVM Management for all of your wonderful help. --Robert Bell D.V.M.

It looks like the sale closed ok and all is well in the sleepy little town of Encinitas once again. Just a word to thank you and your father for helping me sell my practice. Dr. Ullman is settling in, the staff is good fit and everybody is eager, a good sign. --Dean Crowe, DVM

I have been practicing veterinary medicine for twenty years and have worked with Bob Hyman and DVM Management for the past four.

While working as an employed veterinarian I prepared for and planned for the time when I would be starting my own practice. Even though lwas confident that my skills and knowledge in veterinary medicine would allow me to offer a high standard of care, the operational complexity associated with starting and operating a business seemed an unsurmountable challenge at the time. ln late 2010 Bob Hyman was introduced to me by Dr. lsabel Chan, a colleague who was using DVM Managemenfs services for her hospital's operations. Bob Hyman and I held an introductory session in which he presented an overview of the services being offered through his company. Following that discussion with Bob Hyman along with the outstanding recommendation provided by Dr. Chan for DVM's services I became convinced that I was ready to take the next step in my career and start my own practice. My decision was based on the fact that DVM Management offered a unique service geared specifically to support the independent veterinarian by providing a turn-key solution for initial start-up and continued operational support for a veterinary hospital.

Following our initial meeting Bob Hyman identified an available hospital being offered for sale by its retiring owner. We spent the next three months completing the final negotiations and securing the required finances. This was a completely new experience for me filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Bob Hyman stood by me every step of the way and made all of DVMs professional resources available to me. He patiently educated and advised me on all the critical aspects of the acquisition process, identified the risk areas and developed the plan of action to mitigate them. Through DVM Management he introduced me to the legal and financing contacts that would help complete the hospital acquisition. At the same time Bob Hyman and DVM Managemenfs staff helped me navigate the regulatory maze at the local and state level in order to prepare us for opening day.

My hospitral started operations on April 1, 2011 . ln general this date invokes pranks and jokes. For me this date was as monumentaland serious as can be. My life's dream was finally becoming a reality. I was ready to start providing our client community the highest standard of veterinary care. Since that spring day in 2011 a have been laboring non-stop to make the hospital a success and a center of veterinary excellence. Over the past four years I have leamed that medical excellence must result in a profitable enterprise in order to improve and expand services. Bob Hyman has been a key ingredient in my hospital's success. His personal involvement as well as the expert support team provided by DVM Management have been my personal business coaches offering advice at every step of the way in matters of accounting, tax planning and preparation, payroll, human resouroes, regulatory agency compliance, etc. Bob Hyman and DVM Management offer a complete service package that has allowed me to focus on practicing veterinary medicine and offload the practice management tasks required to operate the business. The business rhythm imposed by DVM Management through monthly accounting reports and annual budget reviews has allowed me to make informed decisions for both the hospital's near term operation as well as long term strategic planning. The comprehensive package of practice management services offered by Bob Hyman has served our hospital very well, and has maintained our practice on a growth trajectory. Over the past four years our hospitral has grown from 3 to 11 employees and our annual revenue has increased 250%.

In summary, the wide range of professional services and level of expertise provided by Bob Hyman and DVM Management have allowed me to start my own practice and ensure its growth. By having access to Bob Hyman and his team I was able to focus my energy and time on developing a high standard of care for my patients, and offload the hospital's business operations through DVM Management. As a small business owner having access to a complete business management system geared specifically to the veterinary profession has been invaluable. lstrongly recommend Bob Hyman and DVM Management. --Nicoleta Popescu, DVM

Bob has been intimately involved in the veterinary profession for over 40 years, first as a pharmaceutical representative to eventually founding and developing his accounting and consulting firm, DVM management. He is a friend to the profession and has been directly involved with scores of veterinarians over the years. To me personally, his counsel has been always timely and instructive and he deserves much of the credit for my personal and professional success throughout my career. I would give him and DVM Management my highest recommendation, without hesitation. --David A. Gordon, DVM

Bob Hyman and DVM management has been "my partner" since 1987 and is one of the main reasons why I have a successful and thriving veterinary hospital today. I rely on Bob Hyman and his team of experts to provide me detailed bookkeeping, financial reports and analysis, tax planning and preparation, and financial funding for equipment...all at a fair cost effective price. They are the "person on the other side of the phone" that I can call at any time to ask questions, take care of problems, and essentially help me with administrative and management issues so I can concentrate on doing what I do best. I consulted with Bob prior to buying my practice and I know he will be my trusted expert when it comes to selling in the future. I highly recommend DVM Management to veterinarians who want a trusted and experienced business expert on their side. --Melissa Byers, DVM

I've known Bob Hyman for over 30 yrs. I am able to attest that he is as passionate about veterinary medicine as a licensed veterinarian. His success is due to the professional services he provides to the veterinary community coupled with his commitment to understanding the products and services that veterinarians and specifically veterinary hospitals require. --Roger Tenney, DVM

I have worked with DVM since 1983. Bob has helped me immeasurably with the purchase and management of my veterinary hospital for the last 30+ years. His firm offers book keeping, accounting, management consultation, tax advice and returns. When the time comes he will assist with brokering the practice sale. He is the “complete” package and I recommend him highly. --Charles Acton, DVM

DVM Management continues to exceed all my expectations. I was initially wary about the monthly expense, but within the first few months they provided me with cost savings and tax benefits far exceeding their fee for services. They are knowledgeable, patient but persistent; engaging their services changed my life. I would not be in my current happy place without their guidance and expertise. Thank You DVM Team! --Kim Haddad, DVM

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