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If your practice isn’t moving forward, it’s standing still…or worse.

Sure, you’re dedicated, focused and work long hours, but to what end? Are you enjoying the freedom of running your own practice? Or weighed down with business management and administrative issues? When it’s the latter, you need a knowledgeable guide who has seen it all and solved it all, hundreds of times before.

We help boost profits and job satisfaction by streamlining your back office operations, lifting time-consuming burdens off your shoulders and putting you back in control.

Suddenly, you’ll have more freedom to practice medicine during office hours, and actually have a life the rest of the time.

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Let us lighten your management load

Through exacting management skills, a sharp business sense and new technologies, we’re more than qualified to…

  • bring an entrepreneurial perspective to your business.
  • look behind the numbers at your processes and procedures.
  • advise you on operational, business, financial and tax strategies.

For a personalized assessment of your practice and how it can grow stronger and wealthier, connect with us soon.

Bob has been intimately involved in the veterinary profession for over 40 years, first as a pharmaceutical representative to eventually founding and developing his accounting and consulting firm, DVM management. He is a friend to the profession and has been directly involved with scores of veterinarians over the years. To me personally, his counsel has been always timely and instructive and he deserves much of the credit for my personal and professional success throughout my career. I would give him and DVM Management my highest recommendation, without hesitation.
--David A. Gordon, DVM

I've known Bob Hyman for over 30 yrs. I am able to attest that he is as passionate about veterinary medicine as a licensed veterinarian. His success is due to the professional services he provides to the veterinary community coupled with his commitment to understanding the products and services that veterinarians and specifically veterinary hospitals require.
--Roger Tenney, DVM

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